About Us

We are a group of experienced people who are passionate about Developing Games. We desire to deliver fantastic games where players get engaged and entertained with the Games. We believe in long term entertainment and relationship with our players.

We are happy to introduce our first game "Blackjack Fest" on Android Phone, Android Tab, IPhone, IPad and Facebook. You'll enjoy the experience of playing the Game in an outside environment, a cheerful music and graphics will make you enjoy the game and earn more rewards to play. Doesn't sound good?! Hmm there's also a classic Blackjack room where you can experience the ambience of casino environment. The first theme was a great success and we are thankful to the players who have appreciated the Game. The positive feedback from the Players made us to create a new Fabulous Las Vegas Theme Room. We promise to give you more exciting theme rooms to play in future. Worry not! We research and understand the requirement of our users to reach their expectations.

List of Theme Rooms in the Game so far as follows:

- Beach Fun
- Las Vegas
- Stars and Stripes (Present)
- Next Theme Room Coming Soon...

Express your interest about the Upcoming Theme Rooms. Mail us with a subject line "BlackJack Fest Upcomings" to "support@giantboxlabs.com".

We use the latest technology tools to develop games and ensure that the data base of our users are 100% confidential and safe. Our technical team works 24X7 to bring the best Gaming Experience across Platforms like Facebook, iOS and Android.